Posted on: September 11, 2008 10:49 pm

Race Relations & the presidency

I am not a Democrat nor a Republican and in past elections local & national I tend to lean more to a conservative belief. But, if Mccain wins this election Black people should never vote again. Forget about the negros who lost their lives for blacks to have the right to vote, forget about the good white folks who stuck their necks out & risked their lives and families good name for negros to have the right to vote. forget about it. Don't forget them just forget IT. It means its a waste of time. It means that black people today only have what they have because white people allow them to have it. My father use to say "you only get away with what I allow you to get away with." And, that is what white people will be saying to black people if Mccain wins. Be honest it's only been since the late 60's that Black people were really free. I might go so far as to say the early 70's. That's not that long ago. Not long enough ago that the old white folks & their good old days have died off yet. Have you ever heard someone say, "over my dead body?." Well, that's what these old white people are saying about a Black President. I know Black people who aren't even registered to vote. Pathetic!! They don't deserve a Black President. Now you might say NO! They don't deserve a Black President. They deserve a President. Gimme a break. This will be their only chance ever for one. EVER!!! You will next see a woman or a Latino & definitely a White man but never another opportunity for a Black man and never a Black woman. I don't see anything wrong with Black people voting for a Black man because he's black because this is their only chance to ever see this happen. I hope & pray that if I had grown up in the deep south that I would not have taken advantage of my skin color on others. But, can you really blame the people who did? Just imagine being able to command certain benefits just because of your skin color.  Look at it...If Mccain wins & everyone with a brain knows Obama is the better candidate...It says nobody circles the wagons like white folks circle the wagons.

And oh yeah Big East football really is Big LEast. Something has got to be done on my next blog I will talk about how the Football schools should break away from the Basketball schools. And expansion quick.

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